Auntie Mary
Screen-print flocked with cremains, 2005
Chimi No. 2
Screen-print with the cremains of Chimi, 32 x 35", 2006
Screen-print with the cremains of Malia, 26 x 21", 2006
Marion's Maile
Screen-print flocked with Doberman pinscher cremains, 2005


The original memorials were made only from cremains on black paper. The new polychrome Cremain Memorials use many screen-printed layers to create a more life-like presence. The last highlight layer is flocked with a small amount of the sifted cremains from the pet being commemorated.

Cremain Memorials are a unique way to memorialize family and pets. Each print requires less than a teaspoon of sifted cremains. Please contact me for more information about purchasing one or an edition of these memorial prints.