Black Magic
Bring The Whole Family
Bring The Whole Family (detail)
End Of The Road
Five Portraits
Fortynine Freaks (Julia's)
Fortynine Freaks (Julia's) (detail)
His Eternal Frozen Lake
His Eternal Frozen Lake (detail)
Old Friends
War 1
War 2

Bandage - 2010

Before 'bandage,' I made art with insects collaged to paper with glue and glass cover-slips, normally used to prepare microscope slides. The first bandage was a collage with transparent-tape and mosquitoes, Swat, 2008. When making art while living with small children, tape is safer and more convenient than glue and thin wafers of glass. I make my art on the dinning room table.

Newspaper-bandage is an analog sampling technique, archaic in our digital age of Photoshop and remixes. It reminds me of painting. The fist newspaper sample was an accident; the experiments with bandage and news photos continue. The art of Ernst, Picasso, de Konning, Hockney and Jess is inspiring.

I'm conscious of the topographic layers of tape, bas-relief sculpture; I'm making an object and an image. The incidental prints and smudgy auras from my inky fingers, a type of drawing, are an important record of working with newspapers.